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We Love What We Do!

Explain my business involves in creating different types of videos for the business.

Character animation, motion graphics, white board, kinetic Typography and 3D videos are the updated video categories that we create for our customer. Our team's dynamic performance and commitments contributes to the ultimate performance of customers production.

Explain my business creates an engaging videos for customers to get more information likely to direct marketing. Besides increase in the sales of business, our marketing video would bring return on investment for long term.

Designs are chosen carefully that would create brand and professionalism. We have created numerous videos for customers across the globe. This has been demonstrated under videos. We would provide a quality work that would stays ahead in the race.



By using upbeat, lovable, and even humorous character animations, you can explain your product or service without losing the viewer’s attention. Our team of talented graphic designers can create whatever you can imagine. We can explain ideas in a way that are complex, humorous, business-like, or even just lovable. The possibilities with character animation are endless. The first step for any business or idea is conversation. Having fun and inviting videos increases the chance that the viewer will take that step towards conversion and discover the amazing product or service that you have to offer.


If you have ever visited a site and wondered what the company even does, you probably don’t stand alone. And without an explainer video, many of your site visitors are probably doing the same. In today’s day and age people aren’t interested in reading. Think about what you would rather do. Industry statistics show that viewers retain 58% more information watching vs reading, so they're more likely to remember you and take action to connect with your company. The voice delivers the information, the text reinforces the audio message, and the visuals make it clearer and more interesting, leaving the viewer with something real to take away.


Statistics show that the average user is 6 times more likely to saty on your page when their is a video on that page. But just as in every industry, every company is different. Each web video, corporate video, and investor pitch needs to be tailored to their respective audiences. Our team of very highly talented designers work together to create your storyboard, your images, and provide the voice over to explain it.


Our video making process can be summed up in
5 simples steps

Product Video

We write your script, based off of our questionnaire, and all other relevant information you send us

Product Video

We move to storyboards – each scene is drawn out so you can see how your story will play out

Product Video

We animate. Yeah, baby!

Product Video

We add in SFX, background music, and the voice-over

Product Video

We send you the video – AWESOME!


Click on the images below to view the full storyboards

coldfood Explainmybusiness
gkh storyboard
miskal storyboard
sil storyboard - Explainmybusiness


  • Konrad Gulla
  • Zack Miller
  • Judah Frogel
  • Dov Rozenberg
  • Jean-Michel CAMBOT

The Explain My Business Team are absolutely professionals. I have been working with many international clients and production companies over the last 16 years and the level of creativity, the quality of the final product, their superb and fast support and overall engagement will always let me go back to these guys! Thanks for an outstanding film!

Konrad Gulla Founder and CEO - KEEEB Hamburg, Germany

I use Explain My Business for our promotional video needs and am impressed by their attention to detail and ability to work independently and come up with a great video. What makes me a repeat customer is the script writing - right on target. Recommended.

Zack Miller - Partner, Head of Investor Community - OurCrowd, Jerusalem, Israel.

Explain My Business  was a pleasure to work with and the final product far surpassed our expectations. We were also extremely pleased with the professionalism and responsiveness of the Explain My Business staff.

Judah Frogel - Partner, Big Blue Folder.

We used Explain My Business and their sister company for our promotional video and website simultaneously, as we wanted to do the complete branding process. 

They did an amazing job explaining our value proposition and what makes us unique. We are receiving a steady stream of new leads from of the video!

Dov Rozenberg - Director of Business Development - GKH Law firm, Tel Aviv, Israel.

We discovered Explain My Business from a recommendation. I called them, I explained my project, and before I finish my sentences they had understood… and our product is not that easy to explain. They did it, and produced my promotional videos, exactly what had to be said, and nothing more. Just perfect! My customers love it!

Jean-Michel CAMBOT, CEO - TELL ME PLUS, Paris, France.

Here are some of the clients we have already made videos for. Wanna join the list? Get in touch with us now!

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We love what we do. It shows in our performance, attitude, and ultimately, your production!

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